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Globalization has the potential to create greater opportunities for growth throughout the world, and the focus today is in creating a conducive environment for students to imbibe a global perspective, at the same time being keenly perceptive about local conditions.

 Class Rooms

The classrooms or learning centres provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussion.
The State-of-the-art fully networked ‘paperless’ classrooms consisting of dedicated LCD Projector, Interaction Board, Integrated Audio Visual System and suitable software to drive and integrate all these IT components. This sophisticated high tech environment facilitates group learning through process of interaction and participation, provide access to the body of knowledge globally and creates a true and reliable learning environment, problem solving and decision making right in the classroom.

 High Tech computer centre

The computer centre has advanced computing facilities to provide free internet access to all the students round the year. The computers are of advanced configuration and latest software’s are available to provide holistic IT training facilities.

 Student Counselling and Advisory Services

The students are provided one to one counselling as and when required .The team of counsellors at Navodaya provides extensive counselling to help the students in overcoming the problems due to anxiety or stress.

 Career Guidance Desk

The career guidance team provides the necessary inputs, guides and drives the students on the career path in the corporate world. The career desk consistently motivates all the students by various means. It organizes various career seminars, conferences and workshops so as to help the students in exploring new vistas of excellence in their chosen areas of interest.

 Mentorship Programme

Navodaya offers a unique mentorship programme for all students wherein each faculty interacts with a group of students in the capacity of their mentor. Each mentor is personally responsible for the all-round development of the assigned group of students. All students encouraged to discuss their professional matters with their assigned mentor.