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Retail Sales Associate


Learn the best customer service and sales techniques — whether you are on commission or not, sales are a key success metric for your career.

With Navodaya, Retail Sales Associate training, you will learn the secrets to successful store operations, how to provide unparalleled service experiences and develop the confidence to handle any customer situation.

Navodaya-trained & RASCI Certified Retail Sales Associates become experts at all aspects of retailing — from professionalism to customer service, sales, inventory, and store appearance. This can result in significant increases in sales, exceptionally satisfied and loyal customers, and a solid foundation for your retail career.

Training includes the following modules:

·         Professionalism

·         Provide Personalized Customer Service

·         Monitor Inventory

·         Maintain Appearance of Department/Store

·         Protect Company Assets


The training will give you suggestive selling techniques, merchandising tips, and the best ways to maximize a customer's shopping experience.

All the above courses are based on NOS- National Occupational Standard

National Occupational Standards (NOS) for 13 roles have been created which accounts for more than 80% of the direct employability in the Indian Retail Sector and has been cleared through the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) Qualification Registration Committee (QRC).

  • RASCI is the only Skill Council in India to have created the NOS ‘by the industry’, ‘for the industry’.
  • RASCI received 46 industry endorsements against the NSDC criteria of 30 endorsements.
  • RASCI NOS has been viewed by more than 750 large, medium and small retailers in Public View Mode before being declared National Standard.

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